Logos and Branding

Have an existing logo that needs updating? Starting from scratch to define your brand or business with one powerful image? We’ve got your back!

Here are some things we’ve done:

TREE LINE BLOODY MARY MIXES, a Colorado-based company who makes incredibly unique and delicious bloody mary mixes in a variety of flavors, came to us in the very early stages of their business development. Not much more at the time than a good idea and a big dream, we worked to create a from-scratch logo design for their company and each of their flavors (as well as product labels) to truly define their brand. Big on Colorado, it was important to them to incorporate the Colorado flag. Rather than use the (now) overly-used, traditional colorado flag and “C”, we put our own spin on it (literally) to visually define their company image and name, and still give a nod to Colorado, but in a more unique way. Success? We think so!


TIMBERLINE CRAFT KITCHEN & COCKTAILS, a new restaurant in Silverthorne, CO, epitomizes the “American Dream”. Starting out in local farmer’s markets with their hand-crafted bloody mary mixes (above), they had an even bigger dream to open a brunch restaurant that would showcase their craft cocktails and also offer a unique dining menu to go along. Their perserverance and original branding efforts were so wildly successful, that they were able to open their dream restaurant very shortly after launching their bloody mary mix company. We are so proud and honored to be a part of this company’s hard-earned success story!TIMBERLINE-CKC-LOGO---TRANSPARENT-BKG-0319STANDARD MECHANICAL INC, an established Colorado HVAC contractor, contacted us in hopes of defining their brand as they are expanding rapidly. This being the case, defining their business image is more important than ever, so they wanted to do it right from the get-go. Needing many things to kick off these efforts, we started with a from-scratch logo design that incorporated layers of personal meaning. The finished result was a logo that truly sets them apart from their competitors.
AJ BAUCCO COACHING, a prominent triathlete and coaching group in Colorado, contacted us with varying projects for multiple triathlete teams. Part of their needs were all-new logo designs for new companies and teams, as well as minor tweaks and alterations to existing brands and their logos to define a new sector in their branding. We had a blast getting creative with this amazing group!
ANDERSON BROS INC. contacted us requesting a “facelift” on their existing logo in hopes of enhancing their already well-known North Dakota brand. We worked together to define their future goals and based changes on a new partnership with another company. The final result added branded coloring, better readability, and a more modern look and feel, while still maintaining their existing brand integrity and recognizability.
And some others we’ve played with over the years…

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